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Accessibility::Hypertext Interface Reference

import "Accessibility_Hypertext.idl";

Public Member Functions

long getNLinks ()
Hyperlink getLink (in long linkIndex)
long getLinkIndex (in long characterIndex)

Detailed Description

An interface used for objects which implement linking between multiple resource or content locations, or multiple 'markers' within a single document. A Hypertext instance is associated with one or more Hyperlinks, which are associated with particular offsets within the Hypertext's included content.

While this interface is derived from Text, there is no requirement that Hypertext instances have textual content; they may implement Image as well, and Hyperlinks need not have non-zero text offsets.

Member Function Documentation

Hyperlink Accessibility::Hypertext::getLink in long  linkIndex  ) 

Get one of the Hyperlinks associated with this Hypertext object, by index.

linkIndex an integer from 0 to getNLinks() - 1.
the Hyperlink in this Hypertext object.

long Accessibility::Hypertext::getLinkIndex in long  characterIndex  ) 

Get the hyperlink index, if any, associated with a particular character offset in the Hypertext object. For Hypertext implementors without textual content, all hyperlinks are associated with character offset '0'.

the index of the Hyperlink associated with character offset characterIndex, or -1 if no Hyperlink is associated with that character offset.

long Accessibility::Hypertext::getNLinks  ) 

Query the hypertext object for the number of Hyperlinks it contains.

the number of Hyperlinks associated with this Hypertext object, as a long integer.

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