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Accessibility::ContentStream Interface Reference

import "Accessibility_StreamableContent.idl";

Public Types

typedef sequence< octet > iobuf

Public Member Functions

long seek (in long offset, in SeekType whence) raises (NoPermission, IOError, NotSupported)
long read (in long count, out iobuf buffer) raises (NoPermission, IOError)
void close ()
void unimplemented ()
void unimplemented2 ()

Data Structures

exception  IOError
exception  NoPermission
exception  NotSupported

Detailed Description

An interface by which the requested data from a StreamableContent object may be read by the client.
this interface supercedes the use of BonoboStream by previous versions of StreamableContent.
AT-SPI 1.7.0

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef sequence<octet> Accessibility::ContentStream::iobuf

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Accessibility::ContentStream::SeekType

Specifies the meaning of a seek 'offset'. Not all SeekTypes are supported by all StreamableContent data sources, for instance some streams may not support seeking from the beginning or other types of 'backwards' seeks.

SEEK_SET  Seek from the start of the stream or data source.
SEEK_CURRENT  Seek relative to the current position.
SEEK_END  Seek from the end of the file, stream, or data source.

Member Function Documentation

void Accessibility::ContentStream::close  ) 

close the stream and release associated resources. A client should not perform further operations on a StreamableContent::Stream object after closing it.

long Accessibility::ContentStream::read in long  count,
out iobuf  buffer
raises (NoPermission, IOError)

Request/read a specified amount of data from a Stream.

the number of bytes actually read into the client buffer.

long Accessibility::ContentStream::seek in long  offset,
in SeekType  whence
raises (NoPermission, IOError, NotSupported)

Seek to a specified position in the Stream.

offset an offset specifying the requested position in the stream, relative to the SeekType specified in whence.
whence a SeekType specifying the reference point from which the seek offset is calculated. Some forms of seek are not supported by certain implementations of Stream, in which case a NotSupported exception will be raised.
the actual resulting offset, if no exception was raised.

void Accessibility::ContentStream::unimplemented  ) 


void Accessibility::ContentStream::unimplemented2  ) 

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