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Accessibility::Relation Interface Reference

import "Accessibility_Relation.idl";

Public Member Functions

RelationType getRelationType ()
string getRelationTypeName ()
short getNTargets ()
Object getTarget (in short index)

Detailed Description

An interface via which objects' non-hierarchical relationships to one another are indicated. An instance of Relations represents a "one-to-many" correspondance.

This interface inherits from a base class implementing ref counts.

Member Function Documentation

short Accessibility::Relation::getNTargets  ) 

the number of objects to which this relationship applies.

RelationType Accessibility::Relation::getRelationType  ) 

the RelationType of this Relation.

string Accessibility::Relation::getRelationTypeName  ) 

an unlocalized string representing the relation type.

Object Accessibility::Relation::getTarget in short  index  ) 

an Object which is the 'nth'target of this Relation, e.g. the Object at index i in the list of Objects having the specified relationship to this Accessible.
This target should always implement Accessible, though it is returned as an Object. (In this respect this method is probably ill-specified.)

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