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Accessibility::StateSet Interface Reference

import "Accessibility_State.idl";

Public Member Functions

boolean contains (in StateType state)
void add (in StateType state)
void remove (in StateType state)
boolean equals (in StateSet stateSet)
StateSet compare (in StateSet compareState)
boolean isEmpty ()

Detailed Description

The StateSet interface encapsulates a collection of state information. It allows comparison of state information between object instances, and comparisons of an object's state with some hypothetical collection of states.

Member Function Documentation

void Accessibility::StateSet::add in StateType  state  ) 

Add a StateType to an existing StateSet, if not already present.

StateSet Accessibility::StateSet::compare in StateSet  compareState  ) 

Compare two StateSet instances and obtain their differences.

a 'difference set', i.e. a StateSet consisting of those states not shared by the two sets being compared.

boolean Accessibility::StateSet::contains in StateType  state  ) 

Query a StateSet for a specific StateType.

state the StateType being queried for.
TRUE if the StateSet contains StateType state.

boolean Accessibility::StateSet::equals in StateSet  stateSet  ) 

Compare two statesets for equivalence.

stateSet the StateSet to be compared with this one.
TRUE if the two StateSet objects are composed of the same StateTypes.

boolean Accessibility::StateSet::isEmpty  ) 

TRUE if the StateSet contains no states.

void Accessibility::StateSet::remove in StateType  state  ) 

Remove a StateType to an existing StateSet, if it is present.

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