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Accessibility::Value Interface Reference

import "Accessibility_Value.idl";

Data Fields

readonly attribute double minimumValue
readonly attribute double maximumValue
readonly attribute double minimumIncrement
attribute double currentValue

Detailed Description

An interface supporting controls which allow a one-dimensional, scalar quantity to be modified or which reflect a scalar quantity. (If STATE_EDITABLE is not present, the valuator is treated as "read only".

Events generated by Image instances include:

Field Documentation

attribute double Accessibility::Value::currentValue

The current value of the valuator.

readonly attribute double Accessibility::Value::maximumValue

The maximum value allowed by this valuator.

readonly attribute double Accessibility::Value::minimumIncrement

The smallest incremental change which this valuator allows. If 0, the incremental changes to the valuator are limited only by the precision of a double precision value on the platform.

readonly attribute double Accessibility::Value::minimumValue

The minimum value allowed by this valuator.

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