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Accessibility::DeviceEvent Struct Reference

import "Accessibility_Registry.idl";

Data Fields

EventType type
long id
short hw_code
unsigned short modifiers
unsigned long timestamp
string event_string
boolean is_text

Detailed Description

A structure which encapsulates information about a device event.

Field Documentation

string Accessibility::DeviceEvent::event_string

A string representation of the event. If is_text is True, then this string represents the character or typographic sequence that would be received by a focussed text input field. event_string is in general suitable for exposure to the end-user for purposes of keyboard echo.

short Accessibility::DeviceEvent::hw_code

a numeric code which is hardware and system-dependent, identifying the specific hardware button or key on the device for which the event has occurred. On X Window systems, for global key notifications and for most non-global key notifications as well, this code corresponds to the XKeycode. For switch and button events it indicates the switch or button number.

For technical reasons, this code may differ from the XKeycode when generated by Java applications for consumption by non-global key listeners. This is subject to change in future versions of the DeviceEventController implementation.

long Accessibility::DeviceEvent::id

an identifier which identifies this event in the event stream. On X Window systems this corresponds to the XEvent serial number.

boolean Accessibility::DeviceEvent::is_text

True if the event results in the insertion of characters into an input text buffer, or would do so if delivered to a focussed text input field. ¨Typographical¨ key events have this field set to True, whereas ¨control¨ key events generally do not.

unsigned short Accessibility::DeviceEvent::modifiers

an unsigned short int consisting of zero or more of the following values OR'ed together:

unsigned long Accessibility::DeviceEvent::timestamp

an unsigned integer representing the time that the event occurred. On X Window systems this event is a time in milliseconds from some arbitrary starting point; it therefore has a cycle time of approximately 50 days.

EventType Accessibility::DeviceEvent::type

Identifies the type of the containing DeviceEvent.

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