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Accessibility_Accessible.idl File Reference

import "Accessibility_Relation.idl";
import "Accessibility_State.idl";
import "Accessibility_Role.idl";

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namespace  Accessibility


struct  Accessibility::BoundingBox
 Used by Component and Text, a struct defining a bounding rectangle. More...
interface  Accessibility::Accessible
 The base interface which is implemented by all accessible objects. More...


typedef sequence< Relation > Accessibility::RelationSet
 A list of Relations, which may be many-to-many.
typedef sequence< string > Accessibility::AttributeSet
 A list of name-value pairs, returned as a sequence of strings; the name and value are separated by a colon.
typedef sequence< RoleAccessibility::RoleSet
 A list of accessible roles.


enum  Accessibility::LOCALE_TYPE {
 used by Text and Document: these correspond to the POSIX setlocale() enum values. More...

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