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Accessibility_Registry.idl File Reference

#include <Bonobo_Unknown.idl>
import "Accessibility_Event.idl";
import "Accessibility_Application.idl";
import "Accessibility_Desktop.idl";

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namespace  Accessibility


interface  Accessibility::Registry
 The Registry is a service through which applications providing accessibility services (servers) can rendezvous with consumers of those services (Assistive Technologies). More...
struct  Accessibility::EventListenerMode
 A structure that encapsulates the characteristics of the event notifications that should be sent to an EventListener in response to a call to DeviceEventController::registerKeystrokeListener or DeviceEventController::registerDeviceEventListener. More...
struct  Accessibility::DeviceEvent
 A structure which encapsulates information about a device event. More...
struct  Accessibility::KeyDefinition
 A structure which defines the identity of a key for which notifications are to be requested. More...
interface  Accessibility::DeviceEventListener
 This interface should be implemented by AT-SPI clients who wish to make use of the DeviceEventController to receive device event notifications. More...
interface  Accessibility::DeviceEventController
 The interface via which clients request notification of device events, and through which device events may be simulated. More...


typedef sequence< Desktop > Accessibility::DesktopSeq
typedef unsigned long Accessibility::ControllerEventMask
 an unsigned short int consisting of zero or more of the following values OR'ed together:
typedef sequence< KeyDefinition > Accessibility::KeySet
typedef sequence< EventTypeAccessibility::KeyEventTypeSeq
typedef sequence< EventTypeAccessibility::EventTypeSeq


enum  Accessibility::KeyEventType {
 Deprecated, DO NOT USE! More...
enum  Accessibility::EventType {
 Used to specify the event types of interest to an EventListener, or to identify the type of an event for which notification has been sent. More...
enum  Accessibility::KeySynthType {
 Used when synthesizing keyboard input via DeviceEventController:generateKeyboardEvent. More...
enum  Accessibility::ModifierType {

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