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Accessibility_StreamableContent.idl File Reference

#include <Bonobo_Storage.idl>

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namespace  Accessibility


interface  Accessibility::StreamableContent
 An interface whereby an object allows its backing content to be streamed to clients. More...
exception  Accessibility::StreamableContent::IOError
 Indicates that a transmission error has occurred while reading or seeking the stream or data source. More...
exception  Accessibility::StreamableContent::NotSupported
 Indicates that the requested operation is not supported by the stream instance. More...
exception  Accessibility::StreamableContent::NoPermission
 The operation is supported, but the current requestor does not have permission to t the request, for instance does not have permission to read the stream. More...
interface  Accessibility::StreamableContent::Stream
 An interface by which the requested data from a StreamableContent object may be read by the client. More...


typedef sequence< string > Accessibility::StringSeq

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