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Accessibility_Text.idl File Reference

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namespace  Accessibility


interface  Accessibility::Text
 The text interface should be implemented by objects which place textual information onscreen as character strings or glyphs. More...
struct  Accessibility::Text::Range
 A structure used to define a continguous range of text, including its (unattributed) textual content. More...


enum  Accessibility::TEXT_BOUNDARY_TYPE {
 Specifies the boundary conditions determining a run of text as returned from getTextAtOffset, getTextAfterOffset, and getTextBeforeOffset. More...
enum  Accessibility::TEXT_CLIP_TYPE {
 TEXT_CLIP_TYPE: CLIP_MIN means text clipped by min coordinate is omitted, CLIP_MAX clips text interescted by the max coord, and CLIP_BOTH will retain only text falling fully within the min/max bounds. More...

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