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AT_SPI_IDL Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Accessibility::AccessibleThe base interface which is implemented by all accessible objects
Accessibility::AccessibleSetEntryA structure that encapsulates an object reference for an Accessible, its localized name, and its Role
Accessibility::ActionAn interface through which a user-actionable user interface component can be manipulated
Accessibility::ApplicationAn interface identifying an object which is the root of the user interface Accessible hierarchy associated with a running application
Accessibility::BoundingBoxUsed by Component and Text, a struct defining a bounding rectangle
Accessibility::CollectionAn interface designed to allow a subset of the complete accessible object 'tree' to be returned which satisfies a set of criteria
Accessibility::CommandA structure which encapsulates both a string representation of a command and a unique command ID
Accessibility::CommandListenerAn interface which should be implemented by assistive technologies or other clients of the Selector interface, over which notifications to the list of available commands is made
Accessibility::ComponentThe Component interface is implemented by objects which occupy on-screen space, e.g
Accessibility::DesktopAt the moment this is only a marker interface, it acts just like any other Accessible
Accessibility::DeviceEventA structure which encapsulates information about a device event
Accessibility::DeviceEventControllerThe interface via which clients request notification of device events, and through which device events may be simulated
Accessibility::DeviceEventListenerThis interface should be implemented by AT-SPI clients who wish to make use of the DeviceEventController to receive device event notifications
Accessibility::DocumentPrimarily a 'tagging' interface which indicates the start of document content in the Accessibility hierarchy
Accessibility::EditableTextDerived from interface Text, EditableText provides methods for modifying textual content of components which support editing
Accessibility::EventA structure encapsulating information about an event for which notification was requested
Accessibility::EventDetailsA struct encapsulating detailed information about an Event
Accessibility::EventListenerA generic interface implemented by objects for the receipt of event notifications
Accessibility::EventListenerModeA structure that encapsulates the characteristics of the event notifications that should be sent to an EventListener in response to a call to DeviceEventController::registerKeystrokeListener or DeviceEventController::registerDeviceEventListener
Accessibility::HyperlinkInstances of Hyperlink are returned by Hypertext objects, and are the means by which end users and clients interact with linked, and in some cases embedded, content
Accessibility::HypertextAn interface used for objects which implement linking between multiple resource or content locations, or multiple 'markers' within a single document
Accessibility::ImageAn interface implemented by objects which render image data or pictorial information to the screen
Accessibility::KeyDefinitionA structure which defines the identity of a key for which notifications are to be requested
Accessibility::LoginHelperAn interface for use by assistive technologies by which they can access system information and services on a 'need to know' basis while the screen is locked, during user authentication, or during other sensitive operations
Accessibility::LoginHelper::WindowInfoA structure containing info about toplevel X windows that the LoginHelper instance wishes to have raised
Accessibility::MatchRuleAn opaque object constructed via a call to Collection::createMatchRule and discarded via a call to Collection::freeMatchRule
Accessibility::RegistryThe Registry is a service through which applications providing accessibility services (servers) can rendezvous with consumers of those services (Assistive Technologies)
Accessibility::RelationAn interface via which objects' non-hierarchical relationships to one another are indicated
Accessibility::SelectionAn interface which indicates that an object exposes a 'selection' model, allowing the selection of one or more of its children
Accessibility::SelectorThis interface is intended for use by assistive technologies and related user-agents
Accessibility::StateSetThe StateSet interface encapsulates a collection of state information
Accessibility::StreamableContentAn interface whereby an object allows its backing content to be streamed to clients
Accessibility::StreamableContent::IOErrorIndicates that a transmission error has occurred while reading or seeking the stream or data source
Accessibility::StreamableContent::NoPermissionThe operation is supported, but the current requestor does not have permission to t the request, for instance does not have permission to read the stream
Accessibility::StreamableContent::NotSupportedIndicates that the requested operation is not supported by the stream instance
Accessibility::StreamableContent::StreamAn interface by which the requested data from a StreamableContent object may be read by the client
Accessibility::TableAn interface used by containers whose contained data is arranged in a "tabular" (i.e. row-column) fashion
Accessibility::TerminalAn interface dedicated to the support of virtual terminals and terminal emulators, in which row/column text position, and line-by-line access, are the dominant user model
Accessibility::TextThe text interface should be implemented by objects which place textual information onscreen as character strings or glyphs
Accessibility::Text::RangeA structure used to define a continguous range of text, including its (unattributed) textual content
Accessibility::ValueAn interface supporting controls which allow a one-dimensional, scalar quantity to be modified or which reflect a scalar quantity

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