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AT-SPI Interfaces and Subinterfaces

This is the main documentation page for the Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface (AT-SPI).

Applications and Interface Components

Namespace Accessibility includes service APIs implemented by participating applications and their user interface components:

Accessibility::Accessible [REVISED]
Accessibility::Component [REVISED]
Accessibility::Collection [NEW]
Accessibility::Document [NEW]
Accessibility::Image [REVISED]
Accessibility::Selection [REVISED]
Accessibility::StreamableContent [REVISED]
Accessibility::Table [REVISED]
Accessibility::Terminal [NEW]
Accessibility::Text [REVISED]
Accessibility::EditableText [REVISED]

Enumerated Types

Accessibility defines a number of key enumerated types, including:

Accessibility::RelationType [EXTENDED]
Accessibility::Role [EXTENDED]
Accessibility::StateType [EXTENDED]
Accessibility::EventDetails [NEW]


Accessibility also includes Accessibility::Registry, which is the service used by assistive technologies and related AT-SPI clients to register interest in certain classes of events, enumerate the currently available desktop and application list, and to synthesize certain kinds of device events.

Event Listener Interfaces

Accessibility::EventListener [REVISED]

Helper Interfaces

The following interfaces may be implemented by assistive technologies themselves, in order to export their services in a consistent manner or in order to interoperate with other applications or desktop services.

Accessibility::LoginHelper : Implemented by adaptive technologies which need to participate in user-authentication or login activities, and which therefore may need negotiation with authentication agents or processes.

Accessibility::Selector [NEW]: Implemented by user agents or assistive technologies which export lists of choices from which the end-user is expected to make selections. Useful for various types of remote activation or intercommunication between multiple ATs.

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