Desktop Menu

The Desktop menu allows you to set your preferences for the GNOME Desktop, get help with using GNOME, and log out or shut down.

  • The Administration submenu contains tools to manage your computer. These all require your system's password.

  • The Preferences submenu contains all the preference tools. With these you can configure your GNOME Desktop. For more on preference tools, see Chapter 8, Configuring Your Desktop.

  • The Help item launches the Help Browser.

  • The About GNOME item has a brief introduction to GNOME, links to the GNOME website, and credits.

  • The Lock Screen command starts your screensaver, and requires your password to return to the desktop. For more on this, see the section called “Locking Your Screen”.

  • Choose Log Out to log out of GNOME, or to switch user.

  • Choose Shut Down to end your GNOME session and turn off your computer, or restart it.

For more on logging out and shutting down, see the section called “Ending a Session”.

Places Menu
Customizing the Panel Menubar

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