Chapter 6. Nautilus File Manager

This chapter describes how to use the Nautilus file manager.

Table of Contents

File Manager Functionality
File Manager Presentation
Spatial Mode
Spatial Windows
Spatial Window Components
Displaying Your Home Folder in a Spatial Window
Displaying a Parent Folder
Closing Folders
Displaying a Folder in a Browser Window
Opening a Location
Browser Mode
The File Browser Window
Showing and Hiding File Browser Window Components
Using the Location Bar
Displaying Your Home Folder
Displaying a Folder
Displaying a Parent Folder
Using the Tree From the Side Pane
Using Your Navigation History
Opening Files
Executing the Default Action
Executing Non-Default Actions
Adding Actions
Modifying Actions
Searching For Files
Saving Searches
Managing Your Files and Folders
Using Views to Display Your Files and Folders
Selecting Files and Folders
Drag-and-Drop in the File Manager
Moving a File or Folder
Copying a File or Folder
Duplicating a File or Folder
Creating a Folder
Templates and Documents
Renaming a File or Folder
Moving a File or Folder to Trash
Deleting a File or Folder
Creating a Symbolic Link to a File or Folder
Viewing the Properties of a File or Folder
Changing Permissions
Adding Notes to Files and Folders
Using Bookmarks For Your Favorite Locations
Using Trash
Hidden Files
Item Properties
Modifying the Appearance of Files and Folders
Icons and Emblems
Changing the Icon for a File or Folder
Adding an Emblem to a File or Folder
Creating a New Emblem
Changing Backgrounds
Using Removable Media
To Mount Media
To Display Media Contents
To Display Media Properties
To Format a Floppy Disk
To Eject Media
Writing CDs or DVDs
Creating Data Discs
Copying CDs or DVDs
Creating a Disc from an Image File
Navigating Remote Servers
To Access a remote server
To Access Network Places
Accessing Special URI Locations
Nautilus Preferences
Views Preferences
Behavior Preferences
Display Preferences
List Columns Preferences
Preview Preferences
Extending Nautilus
Nautilus Scripts
Nautilus Extensions

Customizing the Panel Menubar

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