Sticky keys applet

gnome-sticky-keys-applet is a small panel applet for GNOME that displays the sticky keys state. It is small, unfancy and a half a day hack so keep your expectations small, it gets the job done however.

It displays a label that shows a capital letter when a modifier is locked and a lower case letter when a modifier is latched.


I don't plan to do further development but wanted to make it available. You can download the tarball from download.

To install it:
- get the tarball & unpack it
- ./configure --prefix=/path/to/your/prefix
- killall gnome-panel
- Add it from the 'Right click on panel'->add to panel->Utility menu

NOTE: You need to install it in a location where bonobo-activation-server can find it.

Chema Celorio, 30 Dec 2002.