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Fri 2005/Jul/29
  • Spent the last week in Talca with my mom and her Family. We had dinner together in Saturday and at least for five days i had the oportunity to hugh mom and let her hugh me.

    Yesterday left my mother crying in the train station, as I finally leaved Talca. She won't come to Santiago's Airport next Tuesday because we know that she haven't seen my father in years and don't want to see it either, so I didn't want to push it.

    The road to Santiago was ok. I felt a little sad for my mother but I think that she will feel better as time keeps on going.

    The following days I'll buy some souvenirs, as the famous Indio Picaro and a couple of Pisco bottles. In Germany, Pisco is like gold.

    My flight leaves on Tuesday 02, 12:15.

Fri 2005/Jul/22
  • My semester is over. I passed the five lectures, and kept my note over 5.0, that's ok for me.

  • Past tuesday had my goodbye-party in Curicó with the guys from the Facultad. I didn't call many people but anyway the house got full of friends.

    I have to say that this was the most destructive, energetic, alcoholized and distorted party ever. The effect of two bottles of Tequila, plus Vodka and Pisco everywhere showed up early and suddenly our livingroom became a disaster, only comparable with Chernobyl or Nagasaki.

    I wont go into many details but I will keep some keywords here for posterity: Spaghetti, Unimarc security and cash teller, fucked shirts, Dudley Boyz, broken table, broken oldie Radio, Soundgarden, "hueón, estay pa' la cagá", lost keys, "oh, ¡los hueones distorcionados!".

    On wednesday morning, my house was totally fucked up. I lost all the energy to keep on partying, even when Carolinne had her goodbye-party that night. I went able only to be in her house for a couple of hours and then went to my place to sleep.

  • Finally got the time to do a little of work in Gyrus. I closed two bugs: the one about the reports system by Alejandro and that little enhancement about the title of the main window.

    There's something that I don't like about the population of the report of users overquota, it's too slow, i.e., it can take several minutes to get the data of a server with 6000 users. It is not a problem of the transfer rate, because this is under the 6 KB/s, while the population of the complete tree uses a bandwidth over the 100 KB/s, so clearly there are some steps in the processing that can be optimized. It must be said, that when a small function as gyrus_report_evaluate_quota () gets called 6000 times, it becames important that there is no complex code involved.

    Unfortunatly, I won't have time to check it soon (i.e, in the following days). I hope somebody outthere would check it and send me some comments.

Fri 2005/Jul/15
  • Last night of hacking and studing at Utalca. Today we'll deliver two big projects and then my semester will be over.

    Thanks Joe for making my night a little more funny.

Wed 2005/Jul/13
  • Had a surprise lunch with the Professors of the Facultad, Marcela, the secretary of our Escuela, and our german teacher. They wanted this way to congratulate us for what it's coming in the next days. They were very lovely with all of us. Even when I was fixing a terrible mess in our Taller CVS because of someone's incompetence before going to lunch, I could relax and enjoyed the meeting.

    Big thanks to Marcela for being such a nice person and organizing the surprise. ¡Eres lo más grande Marce!

Tue 2005/Jul/12
  • This is probably an obvlious new, but considering the big stress I'm having, it makes my day smile. I've just received a letter from the Technische Universität Dresden where they notified me that I've been accepted to study during the Wintersemester 2005-2006 and Sommersemester 2006. So now I have tickets, money, and a place where to grab books from.

Fri 2005/Jul/08
  • It's breaking my heart to chat with my sister Catalina and to read that she just doesn't want me to leave Chile. This semester we've been together not too much because of my overloaded agenda.

    Even when she knows how much I love her and how much I want to cross the ocean, she can't hide what she feels right now. She is so fucking honest that makes me feel like a shitty bastard. I'm doing what I love but at the cost of getting appart from my family. My feelings are confused right now and it feels no good at all.

  • I slept just three hours last night. Lectured this morning about Requirements in Open Source to my Taller Professor and a little audience of 6 more persons, Software Engineering students but in no way familiar with Open Source. Sadly I just had 15 minutes, as the number of students lecturing was enough to keep the Professor busy the entire day attending, but I think I did it fine.

    Later, on the afternoon, gave the final exam on Ingeniería Económica. I have no idea how I did it, but I hope I didn't suck too much.

Thu 2005/Jul/07
  • Found another interesting paper about Open Source Development. It uses the FreeBSD Newconfig and GNU Class Compiler projects as cases of study. I'm realizing that I'm getting a little appart from my original theme, but I'll find a way to fit it into my paper.

  • The final step in the long way to Germany has come. The University has approved a credit for all of us, so I can say that I'll have enough money to survive during one year in Europe.

    The next week we'll have a meeting with the Chancellor of our University, where we'll receive the tickets and his final blessing.

  • I just have no words for what happened in London last night.

  • Many friends have been asking me when will I be available to drink a couple of beers as a way to say goodbye. Even when I really want to see everyone before flying I'm totally busy right now and I won't have free time at least until June 20th, so please everyone don't hate me, I'm not such an ungrateful guy, I'm just in the hardest moment of the hardest semester of my years of study.

Mon 2005/Jul/04
  • Spent the entire weekend in Curicó. Had to study for my Sistemas Operativos exam and keep on programming in the project for Taller de Desarrollo de Software. Even when I programmed shitty slow during the weekend I went able to clean up some tables of the database that were giving me headaches.

    The best of the weekend is that my housemates and I found two interesting places to eat in Curicó. One of its is called Top Dog and you can buy there big Completos for a really cheap price. One of those completos is equivalent to two normal ones, and they tasted very good.

    The other place is a popular Restaurant called Braseros de Cumpeo. Moisés and I went there yesterday for the lunch and we saw many people drunk listening El maestro Antonio Rios music, eating seafood and drinking beer and wine. We enjoyed a lot the environment, so typical chilean that you can't feel scared or embarrased. I ordered a Pollo Mariscal and it was really good.

    When we leaved the place, we saw a drunk man that reminded us to El Huaso Culiao from the pasquín The Clinic. We didn't resist and took him a picture. He didn't like too much so we had to leave fast the place.

Fri 2005/Jul/01

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