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Tue 2005/Nov/29
  • Under a little stress during the lasts weeks, I am hating now to need the computer to communicate with the people I love. Yesterday and today, I had to rid off of almost everyone on the IM because I felt tired of typing: typing to code, typing to make the damn webcam work, typing to get in touch, typing to write e-mails, typing homeworks.

    Maybe a good decision would be to read a book and send the computer to hell for a few days. I have Gilliam Bradshaw's Die Krone von Camelot, Mark Twain's Letters from the Earth and Cortázar's Rayuela (but I have already read this book a few years ago, but following the linear story). I would probably pick one of those and read it 'til end.

Sat 2005/Nov/26
  • Why the fuck did Pearl Jam and Dream Theater choose to visit Chile at the same fucking time that I am so fucking away?.

Thu 2005/Nov/24
  • After restarting gaim after several days of use, I noticed that the memory usage reduced from 423.7 MB to only 42.7 MB. Amazing.

    I am using the CVS HEAD gaim version.

Wed 2005/Nov/23
  • Last Wednesday, I went to a Concert in the Dresden Semperoper. The Symphony Orchestra of the Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria Von Weber played Paul Hindemith's Weber-Metarmophosen, Konzert für Orchester op. 38, Manfred Weiss's Ahnung der Liebe, and Johannes Brahms's Haydn-Variationen with an incredible quality and professionalism.

    It is hard to believe that in many countries music and arts doesn't get support enough. These kids (many of them foreigners) showed an incredible passion for music and surely they'll become great musicians with time. Why can't we support art and music in our country?

Sat 2005/Nov/19
  • Finally yesterday began Complexity Theory lecture. Because of the examination system of the Computational Logic master program which this lecture is part of, I had to talk with the Professor to explain him that I am not taking other lectures of the master program but would like to be examined at the end of the semester.

    The Computational Logic master program, in this period, has only one examination contemplating topics on Logic, Science of Computational Logic, Computer Algebra, and Complexity Theory. As I am only attending Complexity Theory, if I give that exam I would probably fail. He told me not to be worried, because he doesn't have problems on arranging an special examination so I can get the credits if I pass it. We'll see.

  • More love to eog collection mode. Today I finished cooking a patch to give eog the ability to handle the selection using only the keyboard. It still needs more work (it doesn't handle the control key usage), but I think it is good start.

Sun 2005/Nov/13
  • Given a little love to eog collection mode code. Patch awaiting approval.

  • Lazy weekend. Nothing really funny done. The lack of natural light after 16:30 can be depressing. In winter, the day will be over before 16:00, so I have to get used to it.

Thu 2005/Nov/10
  • Things I'd never do in Chile, but am doing here:

    • Lunch before 12:00. Sometimes, at 11:15.
    • Waiting 'till the semaphore changes its light from red to green, even when no-damn-car is on the street.
    • Say hello to women and shake her hand (german girls). Or give'em one kiss (every girl except those in the other categories). Or give'em two kisses (spanish girls). Ok, or give'em three kisses (french girls).
    • Drink in the streets, open parks, without care of the police being close (ok, I've done this in Chile, but only when I was in the high school).
    • Leave my shoes out of my room, (i.e. in a public place) without being afraid of someone stealing them.

    Little cultural differences.

  • Today I booked my return flight to Chile. July 29th, because 30th and 31th are sold out.

Sat 2005/Nov/05
  • Yesterday in a chilean-ity attack Jorge and I cooked Empanadas de pino. To be the first time we make such an experiment, and considering we only used a google query as advice, they really tasted good.

    Marie and Julia, our evening guests, enjoyed the empanadas and ponche a lot. I am realizing that I am better at cooking than at hacking. At least, cooking good is a better weapon to impress girls than being good with bitmask operations. :-)

Thu 2005/Nov/03
  • I saw this in the Logic lecture and found it interesting:

Tue 2005/Nov/01
  • I started a guide to install the GNOME development packages in distros. In Debian is almost trivial, but after reading some mails in GNOME Love list, I realized that for newbies, nothing is trivial enough, so here it is.

    Please review and add the distro you are familiar with. Let's give GNOME enthusiasts and protohackers some love.

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