Claudio Saavedra

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Sat 2006/Aug/19
  • Finished my period in Germany. Several friends still think that I am in Chile for vacations and will go back to Dresden anytime soon.

  • Passed DSH with DSH-2 level. It means, that If I wanted, I could apply to study in a German University as a normal student. Obviously, it is not my intention, as I firstly want to finish my studies in the Uni. Talca and then see what could I do. Anyway, it feels great to have passed that god damn exam.

    The other exams were fine, but not as good as I would like. I expended too much time learning German. I don't regret about it.

  • Back in Chile, I have felt some problems integrating me again to the real world. Firstly, I love Dresden and it is hard to leave such a beautiful city, the people I met there, and the routine I had there. Secondly, should I say that I am more than 15.000 km away from my girlfriend?. Thirdly, things in Chile doesn't look as nice as they do from the outside. We have a beautiful and very stable country, but daily problems can be very shocking when you had forgotten about them.

    I have just gave my time these weeks to some of my old friends, my family, have read a little, and made some pictures when possible. I haven't felt in the mood of coding, learning, nor taking part on anything which involves prolonged thinking. I pretend to go back to normality once the semester begins.

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