Claudio Saavedra

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Mon 2006/Oct/30
  • I skyped this morning with Marie, it was cool to talk with her again. I really miss this girl and the friendship we had during the time I was in Dresden. She will probably come next year to Chile to make her trainee. I'm really looking forward to see her again.

    Surprisingly, my passive German knowledge reacted very quickly when we talked. It seems I am not forgetting the language as fast as I thought I would.

Fri 2006/Oct/20
  • Last night, while having some drinks with the guys, I hacked Germán's thumbnail's wasted space estimator to add a delete functionality. I really needed those 600 MB wasted by outdated thumbnails to build GNOME 2.17, so I did a quick hack that probably makes a nice utility a bit uglier. It's not polished, and I won't polish it because it works fine for me, but in case it's useful for anyone, here is the patch you have to apply to the original one if you want to delete those buggy thumbnails.

  • Do you want to see cool printing support in Eye of GNOME 2.18? then please try the patch attached to this bug against the eog-ng branch (you can get it with: cvs -z3 co -r eog-ng eog), specially with strange image formats, and put your comments there.

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