Claudio Saavedra

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Fri 2006/Nov/24
Thu 2006/Nov/23
  • Wrote a small Lisp hack to quickly jump from a C source file to its header file and viceversa in EMACS. Get it from here, add (load "~/MY-ELISP-DIR/switch-to-header.el") to your .emacs and use F8 to enjoy it.

Tue 2006/Nov/14
  • Today, I finally committed the port to GtkPrint for EOG, to the eog-ng branch. It took me some code reading to understand well how cairo works, but now the printing is just as I wanted.

    After that, I backported the patch to HEAD and committed it. As we are not really sure that we will merge eog-ng with HEAD soon and I think that 2.18 users deserve a much better printing experience, I just did it.

Sun 2006/Nov/12
  • I was really surprised to realize during the weekend that many of my fellow GNOME'rs didn't know that compiz and friends made their way into Debian Unstable about one month ago. Yes, that's right: you can install compiz and friends in Debian by just doing a apt-get install compiz, and then following the advices in the README.Debian shipped with compiz-core.

Sat 2006/Nov/11
  • Just did a "live hacking" session in the Dia GNOME, Encuentro Linux 2006, cooking a small patch for evince, attaching it to a bug report, and committing it thanks to Fer and Carlos quick approval. Pretty funny.

    There were about 200 people attending my talk. A great audience and environment today in Talca.

Thu 2006/Nov/02
  • Last night, two guys carrying weapons and riding bikes passed by my street following a car and shot against it about five or six times. It is the most insane shit I have ever seen, and I still wonder what the fuck is wrong with this planet (Ok, I didn't really see it, but heard the shots pretty loud and considering that my room is just 5 or 6 metters away from the street, you get the idea.)

    After some minutes, even the police appeared and found several blanks on the street. Insane.

    It seems that nobody got hurt, but that's just a matter of luck.

  • During the last days I've been implementing a Instant Messaging service as an assignment for a Computer Networks lecture I am attending. I had to define a protocol and am currently working in the server, using plain C and only the good old GNU C Library, to suffer a bit and clean up my skills of the g_* way of thinking.

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