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Thu 2007/Mar/29
  • A memorable day today in the Faculty. The last bunch of my all-the-times dudes defended their theses today and became Ingenieros Civiles en Computación.

    Special congratulations for my good friend Mauricio. Dude, you totally rocked all these years and deserved a better grade, too bad that 7.0 is the maximum! :-)

    I'm really proud of all of you... and I'll fucking miss you here.

Tue 2007/Mar/27
  • I'm back in Curicó, for what I expect to be my last year studying here. Without an internet access at home, working is getting a bit harder than I remember it was (maybe because I'm involved in more stuff nowadays than I did before), so I hope to get a T.A. position in the next days so I can afford an internet connection.

Sun 2007/Mar/18
  • Finally, Lucas has announced that we've merged EOG's trunk with the eog-ng branch, where all our efforts during approx. one year have gone.

    Development in that branch wasn't as intense as we would've wanted, but finally, it's full feature compared with EOG 2.18, but way more robust, fast, and nice. Many deprecated libraries, particularly gnomecanvas, libgnomeprint, and libegg are no longer used, bringing our image viewer the revamp it was needing for years.

    A bit of self promotion: Two of the guys behind EOG

    Only after the merge, Lucas closed a long list of bugs, which are fixed exclusively due to the merge. Some others will remain open because they are still present in EOG 2.18, but they should be resolved FIXED as soon as 2.20 is released, in September.

    So, are you still asking yourself how can you help us? Well, just go and download EOG from SVN, and test it, test it, test it!

Thu 2007/Mar/15
  • Just arrived home from Roger Waters' The Dark Side of The Moon Live presentation in our Estadio Nacional. The concert was amazing, with awesome special effects, lightning, screening, sound, the classical flying pig on the stadium during Sheep, and a perfectly chosen setlist.

    I had the pleasure to attend 2002's concert, when Waters visited Chile to play In The Flesh. I have to say that I'll always remember that concert as sublime, and beautiful. The Dark Side of The Moon Live, on the other hand, is gonna be remembered as hallucinating, and brilliant.

  • The GNOME community has released GNOME 2.18, after six months of hard work. I am really happy with this release because I hadn't feel this involved with any other release made before, so a small part of me goes with it.

    Congratulations to everyone involved on it, and from my side, specially to the release team, who amazed me with the incredible amount of energy they put on making sure that every small detail is perfect and ready for production. You guys are awesome!

    GNOME 2.20 is gonna be even more exciting and I can't wait for finishing what we have left to merge eog-ng with trunk. But first, I need some rest.

  • Found out today an article about the Chilean government to get the Classmate PC for the primary schools (Spanish). The Classmate PC seems to be the Intel counterpart to the XO developed by the One Laptop per Child project.

    Although it can run Linux, according to Intel, Classmate PC seems to include preinstalled an embedded Windows XP version. I guess our politicians are not aware that they'll probably be paying for the licences of that Windows copy?

Mon 2007/Mar/12
  • Yesterday, the Eye of GNOME 2.18 was released. I noticed we've never made a list of major changes between development cycles, so I decided to start this time (but a bit too late to include it in the official announcement). This list is not as extensive as we would expect, but this is due to all the work which has gone to the eog-ng branch, which (hopefully) will be merged with trunk anytime soon. So, anyway, here it is:

    Major changes in EOG between 2.16 and 2.18

    • Includes a revamped printing infrastructure, even allowing to interactively set the image printing properties.
    • Automatically rotates JPEG images, based on the EXIF information they carry.
    • Many UI improvements, including reviewed key and mouse bindings, simplified dialogs, and more!
    • Many bug fixes, code cleanups, optimizations, and love!

    This release was made possible by Felix Riemann, Lucas Rocha, and Claudio Saavedra, plus many important contributions from Thomas Andersen, Wouter Bolsterlee, Jef Driesen, Kees Cook, Luca Ferretti, Philip Kerling, Ulisse Perusin, and Kalle Vahlman. Special thanks to all the translators who worked very hard on translating the user interface and the documentation.

    Download from the Eye of GNOME website.

    Update: You'll probably want to get the release.

Fri 2007/Mar/09
  • Yay! DAAD finally sent me the books I ordered last year! It's great! We alumni can order a quota of books related to our field of work/research each year, so last year I ordered some books related to functional programming, tree automata, computation, and the wonderful Concrete Mathematics, and they kindly sent me all the books! It's awesome!

    Thanks DAAD for the books, and specially, for making me a happy owner of a Concrete Mathematics copy! Danke, danke!

  • Better late than never: Congratulations to Ph.D. Federico Meza!

Wed 2007/Mar/07
  • The GNOME Goal #3 is on! You still wondering how to show your love and appreciation for the GNOME Desktop? Well, then help us complete the GNOME Goal #3 before we release 2.18!

    This time, we need to clean up the desktop files our modules install. It's a pretty easy task, all you'll need is a bit of time and love, do you have the time? Then, all you need is GNOME love!

    You'll find precise instructions in the GNOME Goal #3 status page. If you have any doubts on how to proceed, go find me in the #gnome-love channel in

Tue 2007/Mar/06
  • Played around tonight with the new GTK+ tooltips API and the Eye of GNOME. With Lucas we decided not use the captions in the thumbnails view, and instead of it explore the capabilities of the tooltip API Kristian Rietveld wrote for GTK+, which will hit the streets with GTK+ 2.12. The API is pretty simple and easy enough to have something working in a few minutes, and at the same time is as flexible as you would want when you have a GtkIconView derived widget and you want to display different data for each item in the view. I can't imagine how messy would be to do the same with the old GtkTooltips API. The result:

    Eye of GNOME using the new shinny tooltips in GTK+ 2.11

    Will post a patch tomorrow, keep an eye on Bugzilla if you'd like to share your thoughts.

Sun 2007/Mar/04
  • Thanks to fatalerror, my account in has been updated! at last I have received the missing a in csaavedr. Great!

    So, if you have my email address in your contacts, or webpage in your links, please s/csaavedr/csaavedra.

    By the way, If you ever happen to need to update your username in your SVN working copies, all you need to do is:

    claudio@dijkstra:~/svn/gnome-2.18/eog$ svn switch --relocate svn+ssh://csaavedr svn+ssh://csaavedra

Sat 2007/Mar/03
  • Watched today Das Leben der Anderen, after having it in my movie queue for months. An impacting and thrilling film which reminded me of the things I saw in the Terror Háza Múzeum (House of Terror Museum), in Budapest, about one year ago.

    To watch the film properly, I needed English subtitles, which shows me how in decadence my German listening skills are. Wish I had access to more German movies in order to train a bit my ear.

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