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Mon 2007/Apr/16
Thu 2007/Apr/12
  • On Tuesday morning, my grandma passed away in Linares, after almost 10 months suffering the consequences of two strokes. I took a bus to Linares, like 100 kms. south from Curicó, to join my mom and relatives.

    My grandma was the kind of person who always would've open her arms to you if you needed anything. No matter what you needed from her, she would always help you any way she could. She had a hard life all the time, had to take care of nine children, lost her hearing early, and part of her sight slowly. At the end of her life, she was only able to see partly with one of her eyes. Spite of that, she always found a way to be informed of her surrounding, and was always positive about life.

    I can hardly think of anyone who wasn't touched by her way of seeing life, her commitment, and the kindly and lovely she was with all of us. If I only get to be a little bit the person she was, I think I'd be proud of myself, but it's certainly a hard task.

    The last time I shared with her before her first stroke was during my goodbye party in Talca, before I moved to Germany in 2005. She joined us for a barbecue at my mom's place. After that, I missed the last year of her active life because of being in Germany, and I only knew about her from what my mom told to me on Skype when we talked.

    The weekend I went back to Dresden after the GUADEC in Vilanova, I heard the bad news. She had her first stroke during that weekend and after that things never went the same for her. I had to wait till August to finally be able to visit her again and it was really shocking to see how bad she was and how much things changed during the year I was away. Nevertheless, in her suffering state, she bore a smile to my mom when she told her that my plane had arrived safely in Santiago, and that I was in Chile again. Nine months suffering, a second stroke, and finally a long coma she never recovered from, had to happen, until this 10th, she passed away.

    Her funeral yesterday was simply beautiful, all her family and our friends were there to say goodbye to her. I think we were all very broken, but at the same time relieved, because she was the last person on earth who deserved that much suffering. I'm happy she is finally resting and am sure we will always remember her commitment, love, and joy. Thanks for every little thing you gave us, abuela, you'll always be in our hearts. Thanks for everything. I love you.

Thu 2007/Apr/05
  • Having been most of the time offline during the last weeks, I've not put my hands into code at all since I'm back in Curicó. Nevertheless, with the GNOME Hispano superheroes we've been doing really hard work to get GNOME 2.18 completely translated to Spanish before 2.18.1 is released.

    It came out that Serrador, current's Spanish translation team coordinator, had health problems during the last months so GNOME 2.18 was released with about 98% of the platform and desktop translated to Spanish. Bad numbers for one of the most active language teams. So I took the wheel during the last weeks, set LANGUAGE=es in my session, and with the great help from Jorge González, Lucas Vieties, María Majadas, and Rodrigo M. Fombellida, we've translated the last 2% and are in third place in damned lies, only under French and Swedish. We will keep the hard work in order to translate as much from the documentation as possible, but it'll surely be hard to get to 100% without more help. So, do you speak Spanish? Do you love GNOME? Then join us!

  • 40 GBs are definitively not what they used to be.

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