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Go forward in time to September 2007.

Fri 2007/Aug/31
  • ¿Ya sabes que harás el Día del Software Libre en Chile?

    Día del Software Libre en Curicó

    Te esperamos en Curicó, donde podrás compartir con importantes actores del Software Libre a nivel nacional, conocer más sobre la filosofía y ventajas prácticas del FLOSS, y por sobre todo, pasar un día entretenido.

    ¡Estás invitado!

Thu 2007/Aug/30
  • Had some beers and pizza with Victor, an old friend from the Faculty who is now an Engineer. We went to Pizzería Real, in Curicó, and talked about life, the future, and the rocanroll we love. This guy is amazing. When I was thinking that I've been a complete ass and that I never made true friends with people from this city, I realized he is the exception. Kudos for Vitoco!

Fri 2007/Aug/24
  • Heading to Santiago, for a well deserved weekend devoted to friends, family, and photography.

  • Could anyone review the bug-buddy patch attached to the bug #361312? Seems like fer is offline and it would be nice to have it in before the string freeze. Thanks!

Tue 2007/Aug/21
  • If people in Finland and France can celebrate, then why can't we in Chile?

    To celebrate the ten years of the GNOME project, we'll meet next Friday, August 24th, in Juan Carlos' place, in Santiago. If you are a friend of GNOME and would like to join us, then contact me for details.

Fri 2007/Aug/17
  • I wonder how a book with at least 272 errors can cost 106 USD.

    I'm sadly disappointed. The LaTeX format is far much more readable than the format of the first edition, but the number of mistakes distracts me way too much. Dear Addison Wesley, please make the book cheaper or at least reprint it with corrections real soon now!

Thu 2007/Aug/16
  • Jardines del Triunfo, Granada, Spain:

    Caught in the air

    I finally finished organizing the pictures of the GUADEC Hispana. My camera is not really doing a good work nowadays, so many of the pictures have been left out, which is sad. Anyway, see the set.

Wed 2007/Aug/15
  • Exactly ten years ago, on 15 August 1997, Miguel de Icaza annouced to the world that he and Federico had started the GNU Network Object Model Environment project.

    I've been around for about three years now. I know my contributions are probably small for the current momentum and size of the project. However, I'm happy and proud to be part of such an awesome family. Congratulations to everyone behind the GNOME Project!

    Happy birthday GNOME!

  • For a long time, I dreamed of using flickr as a source of images for GLSlideshow, my favorite screensaver. Yesterday, I discovered flickrfs, a FUSE powered filesystem for flickr pictures. With it, it's so easy as creating a directory flickr-mount/tags/public/dresden:altstadt:night and setting the images source directory of XScreenSaver to it, and voilà!, you'll have a cool slideshow of pictures of the Dresden Altstadt.

    Unfortunately, xscreensaver is not orientation metadata friendly, so many portrait pictures appear badly orientated.

Wed 2007/Aug/08
  • The weather is crazy. I look through my window and I don't know whether I'm in Curicó or if somehow I woke up in Dresden again. It's snowing!

    Snowing in Curicó

    I think it's the first time ever that snows here. Weather is going crazy.

  • Dom, because "America" is also the name of a continent, and therefore, it's inconsistent. Mostly, because I'm an american, as well.

Tue 2007/Aug/07
  • Patio de Los Arrayanes, Alhambra de Granada, Spain:

    Patio de los Arrayanes

    During GUADEC-es, the organization was really kind and invited us to visit this beautiful fortress and later they hosted a dinner in a nice restaurant in El Albaicín, with a lovely view of the Alhambra.

    More pictures of the Alhambra de Granada.

Mon 2007/Aug/06
  • Three years ago I got my uni library id stolen. At that time, I should have bought a new one, which would've been relatively expensive. Not expensive for the real cost of the card, but expensive because most of the features it has are not used in my faculty. The card is one of these smart cards which can be used in ATMs, to enter restricted areas, and stuff like that. If all these features would've used, then the card would not be that expensive. But the true is that the only real use it has is as a library id card (because if you need a card for the ATM you can ask for one freely in your bank, and the other features are not used, even 6 years after the adoption of the smart card).

    One of the anomalies I faced at that time, was that I was unable by any means to ask for books in the library. They said it was impossible for them to give me a temporary authorization. They also said that If I would've wanted a new smart card, I'd need to wait like 2 months for it to be delivered. I asked how would I do it then if the card would take that long. They said that if I pay for the smart card, then they can give me the temporary authorization. A complete nonsense.

    So, as a way to protest, I never bought the smart card. During three years (actually two) I borrowed the books I needed from friends, who kindly grabbed them from the library for me. Something completely uncomfortable for everyone, but so it went.

    Until today, when at last, I've been authorized to grab books without the library id. For the first time in three years, I borrowed one in a legal way. Cool.

    And now, as I can grab books whenever I want, I said to myself "hm, I'll check if there's anything new that could be interesting to skim at home". A quick walk through the Computer Science section made me realize that I did not miss a thing during all this time. Sad to see that there are no new interesting books there. :-(

    Are you wondering why I've been authorized now to grab books without the id? You wondering, why now and not before? Well, the reason is that I am no longer a regular student. I've finished all the lectures in the Computer Engineering program, all the complementary courses, I've passed successfully the internships required, and now my only duty left is my dissertation. Yay!

    So, now I'm what they call an alumno memorista, and as such I have a few useful privileges. I hope I'll be faster at this than Michael Slackenerny.

Fri 2007/Aug/03

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