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Fri 2008/May/30
  • This morning I found a small bug in GCC, but the GCC hackers are always one step beyond us: they had already fixed it in 4.3.0.

Sun 2008/May/25
  • Exciting times ahead! Tomorrow will be my first day working at Igalia, one of the coolest Free Software companies in the world, where I'll be joining some very good friends in the Innovation team and will work in projects involving GNOME, GTK+, and maemo. Isn't it awesome?

    During the first months, I'll be working at home in Santiago, but once the paperwork and visa are ready, I'll move to A Coruña, in Galicia. I'm very excited because I'm sure I'll face many new challenges, but at the same time, pretty confident that I'll be doing really cool stuff together with incredible people.


Mon 2008/May/19
  • About accommodation during GUADEC

    If you plan to attend GUADEC, this is surely of your interest. The accommodations page in the GUADEC 2008 website has been updated. The organizers recommend a series of hotels, so you are encouraged to check out which one fits better your interests for the days at Istanbul.

    Also, we've set up an accommodation collaboration wiki for people to find mates to share rooms. If you plan to attend and have already someone to share the room with, add yourself anyway, in order to give others an overview of the attendants preferences.

Sat 2008/May/10
  • For some reason, Facebook's presence bar makes epiphany really slow during scrolling. If you, like me, don't use the presence bar, add this to your personalized style sheet:

    @-moz-document domain( {
    	body #presence { display: none; }

    This will hide the presence bar and bring smoothness back.

Mon 2008/May/05
  • So, two afternoons hacking and the clutter frontend for EOG is a bit more fancy. Click on the image for a screencast:

    Clutter powered EOG

    I wonder if it's a good idea to make this a windowed mode. I've need to bend a bit the EOG API and do a few strange things to make the clutter canvas replace the EogScrollView and I don't like it too much, so I'll probably make it only a fullscreen mode.

    I haven't published the code yet because there are a few glitches I would like to iron out first. Also, I'm not sure whether this should go with the yet unreleased eog-plugins module or as a module by its own. I should talk with Lucas about it.

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