Claudio Saavedra

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Sat 2008/Aug/30
  • I forgot to turn off the coffemaker yesterday. I just discovered that all the water boiled and all the concentrated coffee stayed on the base of the pot. Eek!

  • I'm developing a new addiction. Besides my well documented lemon pie dependency, I'm discovering I love cinnamon rolls. Now if I only learn to cook them..

Wed 2008/Aug/20
  • I'm having an ugly flu that has kept me since Monday in bed, and not feeling really well. Hopefully I'll feel better soon, as I have tons of interesting stuff ahead to do (and I'm too young to die, of course).

Sat 2008/Aug/16
  • My sister Catalina sent me an SMS yesterday evening to tell me that she just had one of her friends installing Debian on her computer, removing Windows XP on the go. And no, she is not a geek.

    Considering that my dad is an Ubuntu user, this makes for three GNU/Linux users in the family.

Thu 2008/Aug/14
  • Anyone out there with a few spare minutes willing to give my hackergotchi a revamp? I particularly like this picture by Germán and think it could result to be really nice and definitively funnier than the current one. I'd really appreciate it!

Tue 2008/Aug/05
  • After some people insisted on it, I reordered and rebased the work in progress code to get some clutter action in the image viewing widget in EOG. Not that it's all ready, but hopefully this will motivate others to contribute and will motivate me to dedicate a few hours/week to get it in a sane state.

    So, the story is as follows: bug #532183 has a patch to add an EogView interface (or abstract class) that widgets like EogScrollView must implement (or derive from). First step is to finish it and get it into trunk.

    Then, bug #546504 has the initial code for an EogClutterView class that implements EogView. Currently, there's only nice transitions between images, there's no zoom, no scrolling, etc, but it's good enough for an evening of pictures, wine, cheese, and good company.

    So, be nice with it, give comments, and even better, contribute to it. A hardware accelerated GNOME image viewer depends on you!

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