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Wed 2009/Apr/29
  • I finally took the three seconds I needed to copy my blogging script to my home laptop, which means that I should be writting a bit more frequently from now on.

  • Yesterday, the Maemo 5 SDK Beta was released. From the Application Framework team perspective, I can say that it's been a lot of hard work to get it to the state in which is now, but there's still plenty of work to do.

    But there are more good news, yes sir. In a joined effort of Nokia and Igalia, we've finally convinced the right people to move libhildon, the GTK+ widgets library for Maemo, to a public repository. Not only that, we also have a garage project page with a mailing list where we expect to discuss with application developers from the community about the status of the library and get feedback, patches, and interesting discussion.

    So, if you are a Maemo developer and want to join the fun, be at the bleeding edge before Maemo 5 is released, feel free to clone the git repository, join our mailing list, report bugs, and in the end, help us make libhildon 2.2 the best release ever.

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