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Mon 2009/Nov/30
  • El árbol que tú olvidaste
    siempre se acuerda de ti
    y le pregunta a la noche
    si serás o no feliz

    El arroyo me ha contado
    que el árbol suele decir:
    Quien se aleja junta quejas
    en vez de quedarse aquí

    Al que se va por el mundo
    suele sucederle así,
    que el corazón va con uno
    y uno tiene que sufrir
    Y el árbol que tú olvidaste
    siempre se acuerda de ti

    Arbolito de mi tierra
    yo te quisiera decir
    que lo que a muchos les pasa
    también me ha pasado a mí

    No quiero que me lo digan
    pero lo tengo que oír:
    Quien se aleja junta quejas
    en vez de quedarse aquí

    Atahualpa YupanquiEl Árbol Que tú Olvidaste

    One year and counting.

Tue 2009/Nov/17
  • Maemo Summit '09 gave me the chance to visit Amsterdam for the second time. A city I love and can't get enough of it.

    near amsterdam centraal station

    All photos of Amsterdam, in its flickr set.

  • Also, Berto and I took a couple of days of holidays after the summit. We visited Den Haag (flickr set):

    Den Haag HS

    Delft (flickr set):


    and last but no least, Rotterdam (flickr set):

    Rotterdam Centraal

  • Of course, I also made some pictures during the summit. Not all of these are so great as this one, though:

    Maemo Summit Postcard

Wed 2009/Nov/04
Tue 2009/Nov/03
  • Arrived in Helsinki yesterday evening after a rocking Igalia Summit near Padrón in Galicia. Unfortunately, my luggage didn't make it with me.

    This is the third time in a row that my luggage doesn't make it with me (same happened when I came back in August after spending two months in A Coruña and on my trip to Amsterdam for the Maemo Summit in October). Downside is not having things I need with me, positive side is that it's comfortable to get your luggage delivered to you instead of having to carry it all the way from the airport. Of course it would be nice if this would be predictable, in order to have the important stuff in the hand luggage instead.

    Hopefully, it will arrive safely as it did the other two times.

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