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Wed 2010/Jan/20
  • After spending the first week of February in A Coruña, for Igalia's 1st Assembly Meeting of the year, I'll bounce to Brussels to attend FOSDEM. Igalia was kind enough to sponsor me this year even when I plan to just attend the talks and catch up with the people.

    I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

    On a related note, I noticed a bit too late that Pat Metheny will be playing in Brussels one day after I leave the city. It's a pity I didn't notice earlier, since he is touring Europe but won't visit Helsinki.

  • During the weekend, I finally met Xan after his trip to A Coruña for the WebkitGTK+ hackfest. This means that I finally received my christmas gift from Igalia: a shinny N900.

    The nicest part of this present is that it doesn't come in a top-down manner as in most companies, but from the Assembly members. Meaning, we all decided if we wanted to give ourselves a present and what.

  • mafw-lastfm is doing quite well. Even when the project is still in extras-devel only, the userbase seems to be growing. I received some patches and ideas from Felipe Contreras, and I think that a simple gobject based library for scrobbling will come out of this.

    It's also nice to see that some of the users went ahead and created a group.

Sat 2010/Jan/02

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Sat 2010/Jan/02 12:43:09 +0200