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Thu 2010/Apr/22
  • Now that I'm working from home and Igalia was kind to provide me with, among other things, a cute SyncMaster XL2370, I've been experiencing with different display setups, trying to find something that's most comfortable for me while working. I came to the conclusion that having separate X screens (the LCD one and the laptop one) is the best for me, since it allows me to run secondary tasks (like building the desktop or watching the news) without cluttering my primary display.

    Unfortunately, an annoying bug was making gnome-settings-daemon die every time I hit one of the volume keys while hovering the pointer in the secondary display. It turned out to be a bug in GTK+ that was easy to fix. Amusingly, it's exposed very easily with a multi-head setup, however it was present since ages. This makes me wonder whether people actually use multi-head setups at all or I am the only freak.

  • On a similar note, Evolution was crashing like crazy on me at random intervals. I got fed up with this so I started using it under gdb for a while to try to get a stacktrace of the issue. It took a couple of days before it crashed and I could get a decent stacktrace. This time, it seems to be another very evident bug in evolution-data-server, in which it seems I am the only one to hit a code path using a memory address out of bounds. Patch seems to be trivial but I haven't tested it.

  • All that being said, I start to miss hacking on the desktop instead of a phone.

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Thu 2010/Apr/22 12:25:43 +0300