Claudio Saavedra

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Fri 2010/Jul/30
  • It is not without surprise that, with an increasing frequency, people keep confusing me with Garnacho and the other way around. We have been struggling with this, since despite the similarities (both being Spanish speakers, long haired, using a beard most of the time, and being known for playing guitar at GUADEC), we consider a few facts to be good enough for people to be able to distinguish between us. So here it is a rule of thumb for all of you who are still confused about who is who.

    The guy with glasses and the camera is Claudio; the one without glasses nor camera is Garnacho.

    To help you get the rule straight, here is a picture that Berto made of us during the party yesterday.

    Claudio Saavedra and Carlos Garnacho

Thu 2010/Jul/22
  • I'll be attending GUADEC again this year, arriving on Sunday to Den Haag. I'm specially glad because of the bunch of Chilean friends that will be coming, allowing for some catching up on how things have been in the country during the recent time.

    I'm also glad because Berto and I will be taking part on the GNOME developer training of Monday and Tuesday. We've been preparing a really nice session and I hope it will be productive and enjoyable for all the participants.

    Last and not least, this will mark my 4th time in the Netherlands (third in less than a year) and the second in Den Haag, so I'm pretty excited about getting more acquaintance with the place. After having been in the Museé d'Orsay last week, I'm also tempted to have a quick escape to Amsterdam for a visit to the Van Gogh Museum. Let's see what happens.

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