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Fri 2013/Jul/26
  • I am also going to GUADEC this year. I think it's my eighth time already and I suspect there will be many more to come despite the constant and recurrent fatalism that surrounds a project that has been proclaimed dead once and again, ever since its inception and with each of its uncountable reawakenings.

    I will be talking about Web, our beloved browser, in a talk whose title is so vague and sensationalist as we often love to title things in order to get attention — Web: the future is now. Don't expect anything so juicy — as usual with sensationalism, the title is greater than the work itself.

    Last but definitely not least, I'm proud to say that Igalia is not only making my trip possible but also sponsoring the conference. Find us, Igalians, hanging around and don't hesitate to stop us to talk about anything — let it be technology, our organization, or your uncontainable desire to be one of us.

  • Since I'm back to the vice of my teens, literature, I've decided to give this brief visit to Brno a literary taste. Robert Musil, giant of modernism, was an engineer as yours truly and used to lecture at the Technical University of Brno. Word has it that there is a commemorative plaque to his memory hidden somewhere in one of the campi of the University and my plan is to find it. Any hints that could lead to this piece of nostalgia will be greatly appreciated.

    Afterwards I'll spend a couple of days hanging around in Prague where I plan to just wonder around, think about Kafka, and read his diaries, before jumping on a train to the good old Dresden where friends and Kästner's house await. I might even read his diaries as well.

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