The KDE Project by Anonymous at Aug 8, 2000 4:27 AM

Simply... the KDE project is the best and the most serious.

GNOME is for the obsessive child; the infantile boys preffer GNOME because the aspect of the KDE is more stetic, more beautifull, and GNOME is horrendous, then, GNOME is the more different in relation to MS Windows.

The distributions include GNOME default because the obsessive child don't use the distributions than shipping KDE in default, and unfortunately, this boys are much.

KDE is more stable, stetic, fully multitasking and much, much more.

When the obsessive child think it and the future of Linux, THE TRUE FUTURE OF LINUX, they preffer KDE, the best desktop and project. But for success this they, the obsessive child, have to ripen.

KDE, the future desktop for Linux.

Manuel Roman (a person than think in the reality)

(excuse my ridiculous english)