TreeCellDataFunc (
  GtkTreeViewColumn* tree_column,
  GtkCellRenderer* cell,
  GtkTreeModel* tree_model,
  GtkTreeIter* iter,
  gpointer data

Description [src]

A function to set the properties of a cell instead of just using the straight mapping between the cell and the model.

This function is useful for customizing the cell renderer. For example, a function might get an* integer from the tree_model, and render it to the “text” attribute of “cell” by converting it to its written equivalent.

See also: gtk_tree_view_column_set_cell_data_func()


tree_column GtkTreeViewColumn

A GtkTreeViewColumn

 Ownership is not transferred to the callee
cell GtkCellRenderer

The GtkCellRenderer that is being rendered by tree_column

 Ownership is not transferred to the callee
tree_model GtkTreeModel

The GtkTreeModel being rendered

 Ownership is not transferred to the callee
iter GtkTreeIter

A GtkTreeIter of the current row rendered

 Ownership is not transferred to the callee
data gpointer

user data