Description [src]

final class Gtk.ColorChooserWidget : Gtk.Widget {
  /* No available fields */

The GtkColorChooserWidget widget lets the user select a color. By default, the chooser presents a predefined palette of colors, plus a small number of settable custom colors. It is also possible to select a different color with the single-color editor. To enter the single-color editing mode, use the context menu of any color of the palette, or use the ‘+’ button to add a new custom color.

The chooser automatically remembers the last selection, as well as custom colors.

To change the initially selected color, use gtk_color_chooser_set_rgba(). To get the selected color use gtk_color_chooser_get_rgba().

The GtkColorChooserWidget is used in the GtkColorChooserDialog to provide a dialog for selecting colors.

CSS names

GtkColorChooserWidget has a single CSS node with name colorchooser.




Creates a new GtkColorChooserWidget.