Declaration [src]

gtk_accelerator_parse (
  const char* accelerator,
  guint* accelerator_key,
  GdkModifierType* accelerator_mods

Description [src]

Parses a string representing an accelerator.

The format looks like “a” or “F1”.

The parser is fairly liberal and allows lower or upper case, and also abbreviations such as “” and “”. Key names are parsed using Gdk.keyval_from_name. For character keys the name is not the symbol, but the lowercase name, e.g. one would use “minus” instead of “-”.

If the parse fails, accelerator_key and accelerator_mods will be set to 0 (zero).


accelerator const char*

string representing an accelerator

 Ownership is not transferred to the callee
 The string is a NUL terminated UTF-8 string
accelerator_key guint*

return location for accelerator keyval, or NULL

 Direction: out
 Ownership of the data is transferred to the callee
accelerator_mods GdkModifierType*

return location for accelerator modifier mask, NULL

 Direction: out
 Ownership of the data is transferred to the callee

Return value

Returns: gboolean
No description available.