Declaration [src]

gtk_accelerator_parse_with_keycode (
  const char* accelerator,
  GdkDisplay* display,
  guint* accelerator_key,
  guint** accelerator_codes,
  GdkModifierType* accelerator_mods

Description [src]

Parses a string representing an accelerator.

This is similar to gtk_accelerator_parse() but handles keycodes as well. This is only useful for system-level components, applications should use gtk_accelerator_parse() instead.

If accelerator_codes is given and the result stored in it is non-NULL, the result must be freed with g_free().

If a keycode is present in the accelerator and no accelerator_codes is given, the parse will fail.

If the parse fails, accelerator_key, accelerator_mods and accelerator_codes will be set to 0 (zero).


accelerator const char*

string representing an accelerator

 Ownership is not transferred to the callee
 The string is a NUL terminated UTF-8 string
display GdkDisplay*

the GdkDisplay to look up accelerator_codes in

 Can be NULL
 Ownership is not transferred to the callee
accelerator_key guint*

return location for accelerator keyval, or NULL

 Direction: out
 Ownership of the data is transferred to the callee
accelerator_codes An array of guint*
return location for accelerator keycodes, or `NULL`
 Direction: out
 Ownership of the data is transferred to the callee
accelerator_mods GdkModifierType*

return location for accelerator modifier mask, NULL

 Direction: out
 Ownership of the data is transferred to the callee

Return value

Returns: gboolean

TRUE if parsing succeeded