Declaration [src]

gtk_bitset_iter_init_at (
  GtkBitsetIter* iter,
  const GtkBitset* set,
  guint target,
  guint* value

Description [src]

Initializes iter to point to target. If target is not found, finds the next value after it. If no value >= target exists in set, this function returns FALSE.


iter GtkBitsetIter

a pointer to an uninitialized GtkBitsetIter

 Direction: out
 Ownership is not transferred
set GtkBitset

a GtkBitset

 Ownership is not transferred
target guint

target value to start iterating at

value guint*

Set to the found value in set

 Direction: out
 Ownership of the data is transferred

Return value

Returns: gboolean

TRUE if a value was found.