Declaration [src]

gtk_test_init (
  int* argcp,
  char*** argvp,

Description [src]

This function is used to initialize a GTK test program.

It will in turn call g_test_init() and gtk_init() to properly initialize the testing framework and graphical toolkit. It’ll also set the program’s locale to “C”. This is done to make test program environments as deterministic as possible.

Like gtk_init() and g_test_init(), any known arguments will be processed and stripped from argc and argv.


argcp int*

Address of the argc parameter of the main() function. Changed if any arguments were handled.

 Direction: in-out
 Ownership is not transferred to the callee
argvp An array of char**

Address of the argv parameter of main(). Any parameters understood by g_test_init() or gtk_init() are stripped before return.

 Direction: in-out
 The length of the array is in the argcp argument
 Ownership of the data is transferred to the callee

currently unused