Change Log

2019/Feb/05 - Moved my Mastodon to; deleted link to previous account.

2019/Jan/02 - Restarted La Viruta Rebelde.

2017/Dec/01 - Added links to the Christopher Alexander page.

2017/Jun/09 - Restarted the blog with the Pelican engine.

2017/Apr/06 - Added link to my Mastodon account; deleted the one.

2015/Oct/06 - Added El cruce de la muerte en la salida de la UV.

2014/Aug/20 - Noted in the bio for conferences pages that I only speak at conferences that enforce a code of conduct.

2014/Apr/07 - Upgraded my GPG public key.

2013/Nov/07 - Added Material about Christopher Alexander and Material de Christopher Alexander (Spanish).

2013/Jun/20 - Updated PGP public key.

2013/Feb/22 - Put up a PDF version of the Yamaha S80 manual, restored the online HTML version, and put that page to rest for good.

2013/Feb/19 - Added PGP public key.

2013/Feb/05 - Added link to "The Art of the Straight Razor Shave" in the Links section.

2012/Dec/27 - Added "Gnome and the Systems of Free Infrastructure" to the conferences section.

2012/Dec/20 - Made the home page more legible. Added more items to the Links page.