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Federico Mena Quintero

Federico Mena-Quintero is one of the founders of the Gnome project, a widely-used, free graphical environment mainly for GNU/Linux systems. He is also part of the Free Workshops for Arts and Technologies, a Mexican project to develop free technology around permaculture and local production of goods. Before Gnome, he maintained the GIMP for some time. In the early days of Gnome he was responsible for some of the original code and documentation for the Gnome libraries, games, and applications. He worked at Red Hat Advanced Development Labs on early versions of the Gnome desktop, and later at Ximian on the Evolution calendar. After working on Evolution, Federico specialized in the core desktop: the GTK+ toolkit, the Gnome platform libraries, and the Nautilus file manager. Currently he works for Suse on the openSUSE distribution of GNU/Linux and on the Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop product. Federico lives in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico, at the right altitude for growing coffee. His main interests are traditional woodworking, cooking, vegetable gardening, piano playing, and architecture/urbanism.

Inviting me to speak at a conference

Please mail me if you want to invite me to a conference.

I only speak at conferences that enforce a code of conduct to guarantee the safety of participants. If your conference does not yet have a code of conduct, you can use this example. Please ensure that the conference materials make it clear how to contact the organizers about violations to the code of conduct.