Chapter 1. Basic Playing Modes

Table of Contents

1.1. Voice Mode Basics

The S80 has two basic modes in which you can play music, Voice mode and Performance mode. You can access these modes by hitting the [VOICE] and [PERFORM] buttons, respectively.


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Voice mode gives you the whole palette of ready-made sounds or instruments that come with the S80. Here is where you can select a piano, guitar, or weird synthesizer sound. You can also edit voices so that you can make an organ sound more percussive, for example. You can also create a completely new sound from scratch.

Normally you would use Voice mode when exploring the S80's available instruments. By tweaking the modulation wheel and the control knobs and sliders you can get a good idea of how you can modify a particular voice to make it suitable for the music you want to play.

However, when actually playing music live, you will want to switch from one instrument to another very quickly. You may also want the keyboard to be split in several parts; for example, you may want the lower register to have an electric bass sound and the upper register to have a piano sound. This is not what the Voice mode is designed for. To play music live you would first go to Performance mode, set up the instruments that you need, and then use them from there.

Performance mode allows you to combine instruments into the keyboard in several ways. You can split the keyboard in several sections so that each section plays a different instrument. You can also layer instruments together so that they will sound simultaneously when you play — this lets you create rich sounds, for example, by layering string and brass instruments together.


If you get extremely good at using performances and playing with them, you can fire the rest of your band's members and save yourself innumerable rehearsals and arguments.