Unofficial Yamaha S80 Manual

UPDATE (2013/Feb/22): Since years ago, I have not put any further work into the manual, and I don't expect to do anything else to it. This page is left here for historical purposes. Many thanks to the people who contributed to the manual years ago and put up with my lack of time.

You can download a PDF version, read the HTML version online, or download the source code for the manual.

The Yamaha S80 synthesizer is a fantastic piece of music hardware with a terrible user interface and an even more terrible and cryptic manual. This is a project to create a user's guide for the S80 that is complete and easy to understand.

In this page you can always find the latest version of the manual, in both HTML and source forms.


The Unofficial Yamaha S80 Manual is released under the GNU Free Documentation License.


This manual used to be a volunteer project, and it was discussed in the now-defunct S80 mailing list in the AMPFEA website (A Meeting Place For Electronic Artists).

I don't intend to do any more work on the manual. If you want to pick it up and continue it yourself, go ahead! Download the manual's source code and play with it. You'll at least want to know about DocBook to get you started — this is the markup language in which the manual is written.


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