Boring news about Federico - Sep 1999

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Thu 1999/Sep/30 20:43:09 EDT

Didn't get much done today. Tried to implement “Fit Horizontal” and “Fit Vertical” commands for the Eye of Gnome, but found out that I need a smarter scrolled frame widget. I need to be able to ask it what size the child will have with and without scrollbars. I'll give it another shot later.

Austin Donelly, one of the core GIMP guys, is here for the week. He'll be hacking mainly on the intelligent scissors tool. It would be fantastic if this were working for the next version of the GIMP, as it is a very cool tool from the 0.54 days. Ah, the memories.

My laptop seems to be happy with the new kernel. No more freezes or reboots with the cdplayer-applet, no more insane ping times when I do a CVS update from our home's little 10-megabit network.

Wed 1999/Sep/29 20:31:58 EDT

Yesterday's movie: Wandafuru Raifu, or After Life. Very, very nice movie with an interesting premise.

Made an MC release, 4.5.40, the final one before the big GNOME 1.0.50. This makes me warm and fuzzy and at the same time nervous.

I am writing a roadmap for the development and release process for GNOME 2.0. Havoc and Miguel went into a Byzantine discussion in the gnome-hackers list, so I took their base documents and am merging them into something comprehensive. Hopefully this will become the canonical roadmap reference for GNOME 2.0.

Tue 1999/Sep/28 19:48:18 EDT

Added "hand" scrolling to the Eye of Gnome. GtkLayout does not have a function to scroll it to an absolute position in one shot; you have to modify the vertical and horizontal adjustment values separately, leading to either ugly visual results (because it scrolls in one direction, then the other), or bad performance (you freeze the layout, tweak the adjustments, and unfreeze, which forces a full repaint). I chose the latter, for now. I will put in some ugly hack to extend GtkLayout to do this properly. Unfortunately it cannot go in gnome-libs, since it is frozen. Sigh.

Made the initial Spanish translation for EOG as well. Now it has Danish, Spanish, Italian, and Norwegian. Wooooo!

Played a bit with LView Pro and Compupic on the Windows box. LView looks cheap and unpolished in comparison to Compupic. Compupic is surprisingly similar to the Linux version. I will kick its sorry proprietary ass.

Mon 1999/Sep/27 20:49:41 EDT

Wheeeeee! Made the first release, 0.1, of the Eye of Gnome image viewer and cataloging program. The next step will be to have thumbnails in place, when I finish the new icon list widget.

Last night some fucking idiot's car alarm broke down, so it kept going off every five minutes. I didn't get much sleep. A moderately smart or conscious person would have pulled the fuse, but there is a neuron shortage in our apartment complex.

Yesterday's movie: Buena Vista Social Club. *Excellent* movie about Cuban music.

Didn't get much done over the weekend. Did quite a bit of reading and sleeping. Went to explore a bit of Carrboro on Saturday and got a kick-ass CD with music from Equatorial Guinea. Hacked a bit on the model/view aspects of the new icon list widget. I am starting to write the canvas item factory that the view needs. I still don't know whether the normal icon list view should implement arbitrary positioning of icons or if that should be a different view.

I think I'll make a test release of gdk-pixbuf and the Eye of Gnome so that people can play with them. EOG seems to be nice and stable; I'm using it as my default image viewer now. People may like to use it.

Fri 1999/Sep/24 01:35:39 EDT

Made some cute icons for EOG's toolbar. They look nice. Added anamorphic scaling in preparation for the Bonobo component. Made it present a nice dialog instead of crashing if it fails to open an image file. Didn't get around to integrating Michael's Bonobo component code.

Started working on the Ultimate(tm) list widget. I am studying the Java API for this; they got a lot of things right. I am making it to be nice to use with the Gtk+ object system; object signals are a big win. Right now I only have an abstract list model; I will work on a view interface and an item factory tomorrow.

Made a release of the Midnight Commander. I'm very happy with the state of that smelly yet venerable piece of code.

Was happily reading in bed, when Owen told me that Peter Mattis had dropped into #gimp. So I went to talk to him. It is nice to talk to an old friend.

Wed 1999/Sep/22 13:26:04 EDT

Lots of bug carnage in GMC. And fixed the long-standing bug #1251. This made me happy, because it was not hard to fix at all.

Autumn seems to be on. Happy equinox. No more hot and humid days. Yay!

The Eye of Gnome got zooming capabilities. I need some icons for the toolbar and menus. I'll add mouse panning next. After that, I'll start adding progressive loading to GdkPixbuf and begin writing the Ultimate(tm) icon list widget. I'll also write a Bonobo component for the image viewer thingy, since it would be useful for Gnumeric and other apps.

Fri 1999/Sep/17 20:35:34 EDT

Unpacked my poor computer at work, plugged it back in. Lots of dust on the desk. The mess of cables grew again to its normal state, possibly a little better than it was before. I still have to bring over my CDs, as I took them home.

Lots of hacking today. Added File/Open to the Eye of Gnome. Made it scroll correctly. And just as I had shuffled some code around, Tom Gilbert sent me a patch for a bug I introduced in the process. And this thing has not even been released yet. I love this! I'll add zooming next. Found out that the GtkToolbar has no way to remove separator children. Argh.

Fixed a stupid bug in GnomeApp. Fixed realization/mapping/redraw queueing bugs in GnomeDock. Made an internal pre-release of MC for testing purposes. Found out that my copy of fvwm2 has server grabbing issues when GnomeDock reparents its bands. Sigh.

Thu 1999/Sep/16 22:11:56 EDT

Sigh. Of all the things that can be overhyped, why a hurricane? Floyd did absolutely nothing; yesterday it rained, and not even hard, and today we have a beautiful clear sky, dry air, and nice temperature. Too much angst and nothing happened.

I imported whatever little work I have on my image viewer to CVS. It is called Eye of Gnome, as what you would find in the ingredients list for a witch's brew. Erik came up with the name. It seems that I am going to need several fairly sophisticated widgets for it, like a decent tree widget and an icon list, so I'll have to write the Perfect(tm) version of such widgets that will be useful for other programs as well. Especially the new file manager that Ettore is writing. Now that we know what went wrong with the widgets we have, it should be easier to come up with decent models for the new ones.

Found out that the call-for-papers for both Linux Expo Paris and The Bazaar is due tomorrow. I'll have to whip up an abstract quickly. I'll present the Eye of Gnome and its paranoid widgets.

Mon 1999/Sep/13 20:46:22 EDT

Fixed a bunch of bugs in MC. Tried to make the tree view nicer, but failed. The stupid GtkCTree repaints itself every time you insert a node, even if the new node would not be visible. And it also repaints itself unconditionally when it goes out of a freeze/thaw cycle. The end result is that there is no way to make it not flicker. Sigh.

Sun 1999/Sep/12 21:42:00 EDT

Woke up late. Spent most of the time reading Salvador  Dalí's 50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship, and it is insanely amusing.

Had an early dinner at the pizza place near home. As I was leaving, two cop cars stopped screeching and flashing next to the Food Lion fifty meters from the restaurant. This failed to make me all warm and fuzzy.

Went to see an excellent scary movie with Kevin Bacon, Stir of Echoes.

Sat 1999/Sep/11 22:57:17 EDT

Woke up late. Read mail. Ate breakfast. Showered late. Went to the movies, saw Stigmata. It is a lot of fun to watch, and the sountrack is good.

Then I went to the bookstore, got some books and a CD, and got a book for my brother. I'll mail it on Monday.

Discovered that calligraphic felt-tip markers are insanely fun. I'm scribbling like crazy with this wonderful thing. Maybe I'll sketch something meaningful.

Fri 1999/Sep/10 23:34:12 EDT

Today's movie: Outside Providence. Better than I thought it would be, and pretty funny, too. It was enjoyably perverse to see a part-satire on living in Hicktown, USA.

The CORBA interface for MC is finished. It works. It is pretty. I love CORBA now, and I am no longer scared of it. I guess it used to be like being scared of the GTK+ object system when you don't know it well. This thing is cool, and it will be awesome to have it all over GNOME.

Thu 1999/Sep/09 00:54:16 EDT

Cristian Gafton was pestering me about writing a ‘gmc-client’ program to tell a running MC to do stuff. I finally got off my butt and started writing it. Somehow synapses fired quickly, and now I think I understand the C mapping of CORBA and the way it works. I am very happy. Long identifier names scare me no more. This little hack should be done tomorrow.

Alvy Ray Smith, graphics guru extraordinaire, posted a question on Xach's GIMP forum, asking about alpha channel issues. Sven replied. Alvy replied back, bitching about sprites and premultiplied alpha and whatnot. I think the poor man has not seen the GIMP. While it is a bit different from Composer's "infinite canvas", I think it works quite well and close enough to his idea of the Right Thing. Maybe it would be nice to have an ‘auto-grow’ mode for the GIMP's layers so that they will grow if you try to paint outside of their bounds.

Today I woke up rather late. Last night every goddamn idiot seemed to be doing laundry at the same time, so I had to wait for some stupid machines at the laundry room to become free.

Made the custom image canvas item for my image viewer use the canvas zoom factor correctly. This is the right thing to do, as the canvas does what you expect when you change the zoom factor. Asked Nat and Miguel about how to structure the Bonobo interfaces for the image viewer, and got some interesting ideas in the process.

Sun 1999/Sep/05 22:06:40 EDT

Yesterday's movie: The Sixth Sense. Pretty good. Today our noble intentions were to go to the planetarium for the 1:30 show. But Rosanna was not feeling well and everyone overslept, anyways, so by the time we got lunch and coffee, we missed the show time.

Anyways, it has been raining since yesterday's early afternoon, and last night it rained hard all night. Supposedly last night was 100 mm worth of rain, and today's worth should be about the same. Lovely hurricane.

Today's movie: Lola Rennt, again. I wanted to watch Buena Vista Social Club, but apparently the theater did not receive the reels on time. I need the Lola sountrack.

Fri 1999/Sep/03 22:35:26 EDT

During the last four days we had nice weather, with moderately cool and dry air. We need more hurricanes like Dennis. Now it is back to obscene heat and humidity. Autumn will be very welcome.

No movie today; we went for dinner to a little Persian place two blocks from home, and then we went to a very cool coffee shop that Dave told us about. I think I'll be going to that place rather often.

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