Boring news about Federico - Oct 1999

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Sat 1999/Oct/30 18:47:34 EDT

Yesterday we stayed late in the office, moved some couches around, set up the LCD projector, and watched One Crazy Summer and Mujeres al Borde de un Ataque de Nervios. TV resolution sucks, but it is cheap and there were no new movies worth watching this weekend.

Jonathan, Havoc, and DrMike have been working on the image loaders for GdkPixbuf. It is kicking ass. I am almost done with the external APIs, and they are very nice. I wrote a feature article on GdkPixbuf for; it should be up on Monday.

Woke up semi-late. Went for lunch. Went to buy some clothes, because my two older pairs of jeans finally got big holes in them.

Mon 1999/Oct/25 00:20:26 EDT

Woke up at noon. Read for a while. Read mail. Decided I was starving. Showered and in the process remembered that the stupid shower curtain needs cleaning yet again. Went to the Mediterranean deli, which was busier than usual. Went for coffee, and Matt and Felicia were there (OK, so Café Driade (also on Franklin Street) is better, but this one is always full of students, and it is cool to be around people). We talked for a while, and then they left each on their own. I stayed for some more time, reading some Auden. The guy is funny and sometimes hard to understand.

Had dinner in time for movies. Went to see Bringing out the Dead. Scorsese manages to pull a grim, slow, dark, good movie, and it is viciously funny at times.

Full moon, or almost full moon tonight. The sky is clear. The air is cool. I miss my piano.

Fri 1999/Oct/22 16:00:41 EDT

Released version 0.3 of GdkPixbuf. Released version 0.2 of the Eye of Gnome. Fixed a memory leak in gnome-mime. Fixed a microtile bug in the canvas zooming code. Started writing the new GnomeCanvasPixbuf item.

I've been talking a bit to Greg Roelofs, one of the PNG guys, and he told me about this image. I was very happy to see that EOG handles it just fine. EE and Gqview bombed, Netscape thought it was a broken image, and XV loaded it but you could not scroll or zoom. Compupic crashed. I kick ass.

Tue 1999/Oct/19 11:26:55 EDT

Yesterday's movie: Fight Club. I love it. So far it seems to be the year's best and weirdest movie.

ALS was fun. We came back on Saturday afternoon. I would have preferred to stay until Sunday, to talk with friends, but we had to go back earlier. Oh, well.

Thu 1999/Oct/14 22:42:04 EDT

First day of conferences at the Atlanta Linux Showcase. Lots of cool people are around. I met Tigert, Paolo Molaro, Olof Kylander, and Paul Sheer for the first time!

Went for dinner with Miguel, Nat, Tigert, the Lokisoft guy whose name I forget, and two of Mig and Nat's business partners. Then we went back to their hotel and stopped at the piano in the second floor. They wanted me to play. I'm terribly out of practice, since I haven't played the piano since I was in Mexico, so I didn't want to make a fool of myself. But eventually I did. Tried playing some of the stuff I last played while in Mexico; some Chip Davis, some Bach, some Chopin. Chopin's 5th Mazurka came out the better.

Then Frederick, one of the business partners, said he wanted to bang on the piano a little; he said he did not play much. He started by playing Finlandia, not bad at all. Then he went on to some Rachmaninov, so he *was* lying, he does play very well.

Afterwards, a very nice Moroccan student who also works as a concierge in the hotel gave me a ride to my hotel.

Sigh. I miss my piano.

Sat 1999/Oct/09 23:23:46 EDT

Yesterday's movie: The Pink Panther, rented. It is funny if you are in a really silly mood. We wanted to go to the movies, but service was too slow at the restaurant where we had dinner. We went to a Vietnamese place in Durham, and the food was pretty good (and interesting!), but service kind of sucked. Not that this is uncommon in this area (the service, not the quality of the food).

Woke up late, read mail. Showered. Went for lunch, was angry at having to feed the parking meter with a bunch of quarters. Went for coffee. Finished reading Feynman's book, and it kicks major ass. The part about the Challenger shuttle accident is just brilliant. And somehow NASA's shoddy engineering for the shuttle reminded me of software development. Feynman makes a lot of good points.

Was delighted to see that Pinochet is going to get fucked in the ass. Was sad to see the heavy flooding in Mexico. Procrastinated getting a haircut once again.

Thu 1999/Oct/07 22:45:58 EDT

There is a good pizza/sandwich/salad place two blocks from home. I guess I must have been going to it way too often, because today the guy who looks like the manager shook my hand and gave me a free meal. Way cool.

The reason I go to that place is that they have good food, they are open semi-late (the most important reason), and they have decent soups. For some reason it is hard to find a good soup in this area. And I have a penchant for soups for dinner.

My books from Amazon arrived. Got some artist-oriented books on human anatomy. I have been sketching pictures of my left hand lately, and I decided to learn more. I consider myself fairly good at sketching architectural stuff, but I never practiced much with organic things. And per Cameron's recomendation, I got Bach's cello suites played by Rostropovich. They kick major ass.

Tue 1999/Oct/05 23:27:22 EDT

Went to the bookstore, got some books and CDs. Feynman kicks ass. As I was going back home, some dude on a motorcycle sped up and did a big wheelie. I didn't know whether to think “Wow, that's really cool!” or “Wow, that's really stupid!”. The thing that bothers me is that motorcycles are fucking noisy.

Mon 1999/Oct/04 01:08:28 EDT

Last Friday there was a big party at Sami's house. Lots of people, but no dancing.

Saturday's movie: American Beauty. I love it. And Kevin Spacey is the man.

Woke up late, spent most of the (rest of the) day reading and not writing code. Went to the bookstore just as they were closing. Bummer. So I went back home and yielded to temptation in Amazon. Powell's is cooler, but they didn't have what I wanted. Too bad for them.

Elliot came up with an impressive-looking framework for library initialization. We'll see what happens. I was not very productive this weekend, so I guess he made up for it.

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