Boring news about Federico - Nov 1999

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Mon 1999/Nov/29
Sun 1999/Nov/28
Wed 1999/Nov/24 03:28:18 EST

Monday consisted mostly of deleting lots of mail. Met with Luis and Paco in the evening. Went to pick up Luis's mom and sisters to the airport, then went back to watch The Matrix on DVD. Then we stayed talking until about 6:00 in the morning, at which point I remembered I had to go home because my brother would need the car. I missed him, I was late, so my mom had to take him to school. I am a big dork.

Fixed the major speed problem with the GnomeCanvasPixbuf item. It is still always transforming the pixbuf and not caching the results, but the major speed problem was fixed by just clipping the area to expose against the item's bounding box.

It was Miguel's birthday today. We went with Arturo, Patrick, and Urquijo to an excellent Argentinian restaurant, and ate meat like crazy. Then went to Miguel's home to discuss GNOME stuff and hack. Then went with Luis, Michelle, Paco, and Javier to watch part of the Matrix again (Javier had never seen it before), and then went for a late dinner of tacos.

Sun 1999/Nov/21 22:23:26 EST

Arrived to Mexico City on Friday just before lunchtime. Went with my mom and dad to a very good food from Yucatán. Then went home, unpacked all my mess and all my books, and slept.

Yesterday my father organized a family reunion because of his 50th birthday. We went to an excellent Mexican food restaurant. Real Mexican food, not the disgusting crap you get in the USA. Then went to have cake and tea with my grandmother. Chatted with my uncle who normally lives in Laredo, and he is funny as always.

Went to the movies today, saw The Sixth Sense again. Had the intention of looking for a place to buy a desk for my bedroom, but never got around to it.

Thu 1999/Nov/18 21:12:06 EST

Furious hacking on the new icon list widget. It displays stuff now, correctly, but very slowly. The culprit is the GnomeCanvasPixbuf item, which hasn't been optimized at all. Every time it has to render itself it re-creates the clipping masks and such, making it slow. I'll have to cache them somehow. When I switched to the antialised canvas, the thing was much faster (and much prettier!), as it does not have to clip anything, but that is not the complete solution. The pixbuf canvas item will be unacceptable until it has caching for the rendered pixmap and clipping mask. Another problem is how to share this information between icons. Hmmmm.

I have to pack some clothes and pack about half of my books to take with me to Mexico. I fly tomorrow in the morning; I'll return next week's Friday. Packing sucks. Sigh.

Tue 1999/Nov/16 23:50:21 EST

Today's movie: Being John Malkovich. It's got John Malkovich, John Cusack, Cameron Diaz, and music by Bartók. You can't ask for more than that. And it was especially appropriate since on our weekend's trip to Boston we went all the way through the New Jersey Turnpike.

My copy of Knuth's Digital Typography arrived today. This is a most beautiful book. I want to be like Knuth when I grow up.

Mon 1999/Nov/15 17:58:18 EST

Jonathan, Rosanna and I went to Boston for the weekend. It's a long drive, but it was worth it. Met many cool MIT people. Met with Nat and my cousin Marco. Had real food; good fish at Legal's and good Italian food in a little restaurant somewhere in the North End of Boston. Went to three very funny little one-act plays in the MIT auditorium.

Today, spent most of the day reading mail. Didn't get much else done. I have a stupid cold.

Tue 1999/Nov/09 20:27:51 EST

Released gdk-pixbuf 0.4. Hacked some more on the new icon list widget. Now that the GnomeCanvasPixbuf item is done, I can actually create my canvas items for the icon list. Wheee!

My article on GdkPixbuf made it to Linux Weekly News. This makes me happy.

My legs hurt a bit from yesterday's running in laser tag. I guess I'm out of shape.

Mon 1999/Nov/08 23:00:58 EST

Went to play laser tag with a bunch of people from Red Hat. It was a lot of fun. Boy, I'm tired.

Was rather disappointed that DIA cannot handle rotation of graphical items. I was trying to make some nice diagrams to explain affine transformations in the GdkPixbuf documentation. We need an illustration program.

Didn't get much done today.

Sun 1999/Nov/07 01:18:00 EST

Friday's movie: The Insider. Pretty good, and Al Pacino rocks. Went with Matt, Blizzard, and Paul. Today's movie: The Bone Collector. Good throughout, but at the ending it screws up and essentially boils down to “you pissed me off, so I'll turn you into a zucchini”. Went with Jonathan and Rosanna.

Woke up late. Read mail, sort of had breakfast. Went for a late lunch, went to a rather nice used bookstore in downtown Chapel Hill. Of all things, got a book by Max Planck. Met Jonathan and Rosanna for coffee, and then went to the movie.

Thu 1999/Nov/04 20:36:02 EST

Yesterday I integrated the gtk-doc framework into GdkPixbuf. This thing kicks ass. The reference documentation for GdkPixbuf is almost done. I'll also have to write the programmer's documentation. The next thing will be to write documentation for Libart.

The weather is getting colder. The last two nights it frosted.

Tue 1999/Nov/02 22:31:48 EST

Finished the ::point() method for the GnomeCanvasPixbuf item. Was easier than I thought. Larry added the ::render() method. This thing is working beautifully.

Got off my ass and fixed the scrolling and zooming problems in Gnumeric's print preview. It is much nicer now. I added the “hand” cursors from the Eye of Gnome for dragging, and it looks very cute.

Mon 1999/Nov/01 23:58:31 EST

Cleaned the bathtub. The shower curtain is still missing. It scares me.

Finished the feature for the GNOME developer's site about GdkPixbuf. People who used Imlib before should read this to know about our new framework for image loading and rendering.

Finished the ::draw() and ::update() methods for the new GnomeCanvasPixbuf item. It is missing ::render(), ::point() (easy), and ::bounds(). I'll set up the gtk-doc documentation framework for GdkPixbuf tomorrow.

Made a new release of the Midnight Commander. Put it in the FTP site, but didn't get around to writing the announcement. I'll do that tomorrow.

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