Federico's Photographic Endeavors

Federico and his camera

Picture Sets

And since collaborative efforts are cool, you can also look at my photographer page in photo.net.

I also have a Flickr account.

A Bit of History

When I was a kid I got a Kodak Instamatic for Christmas once. A few years later, my father gave me a Konica 35mm point-and-shoot for my birthday. I underused those cameras quite a lot, at a rate of about one roll per year, with little bursts during vacations.

Many years passed and in 2000/2001 digital cameras started to get interesting. A few people at Ximian (then Helix Code) started getting digital cameras, including myself. I got a very nice Nikon Coolpix 990, a perfect toy for a computer geek. I started getting more interested in photography.

In January or February 2001 I got a used Nikon F2 body and some lenses. I wanted to have a "real" camera, something that was all-manual and mechanical. The camera is about as old as I am, and yet it has served me faithfully, quite more reliably than any other camera I have had.

I gave another beautiful F2 to my wife Oralia (my girlfriend at that time). Eventually both of us ended with a pair of Rollei 35 cameras as well.

Later I got a Canon Powershot G5. My friend Miguel immediately told me that I had made a mistake, and that for just a little more money I could have gotten a Canon Digital Rebel, which had just come out to the market. I didn't pay attention, but he was right.