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Sun, 06 Aug 2006

Wireless music at home

Yesterday I assembled my new IKEA desk. It's nice to have my computer again on a desk :). In Madrid I used to connect my computer audio output to my Hi-Fi system to be able to listen to my mp3/ogg/flac music on the living room with a long RCA audio wire. However that is not anymore possible in my new apartment. I though about some other solution to play my music. First I considered buying an Apple Airport Express: 130$. Then I realized that I already have a gadget with wireless and audio output: my Nokia 770 so let's code it!.

So after ~200 lines of python I got it:

My Hi-Fi system with the 770 connected wih a jack2RCA wire

Main play window

Add Song window

Here are the files:

Currently DAAP server address is harcoded and stop button is not working, so there is lot of stuff to do:

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