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Sun, 26 Nov 2006

Travels music, friends and some more stuff

After coming back to Chile I went for a weekend to Berlin. My friend Luis is living there and also Mario did a little trip from Köln to Berlin. The funny thing is that it was supposed to be a surprise for Luis, but they parents were visiting him _the same_ weekend. So finally we managed to get dinner and stuff all togheter. The surprise for me was that Diamanda Galas was singing (she tours rarely) that Saturday on a church at Berlin!. We mamaged to get ticket, and I enjoyed it very very much. Quite impressive to see/listen to her live.

I am really proud of my friend Luis Carlos: he is hacking a wireless driver for the linux kernel for OLPC.I still remember when we went to Seville Guadec and our hacking action at Eurielec

During this week I had a severe sleep disorder, ending with this Friday not being able to sleep until 8 or 9am and then waking up at 17pm without hearing the alarm clock. Really bad :(

Finally I went to Tallinn on Saturday/Sunday. I really love that city. Nice coffeshops, nice shopping, nice restaurants and good Sushi!

No, the ending was the song of the week: Coin, Operated boy by Dresden dolls.

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