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Wed, 18 Nov 2009

DLNA Media Server for Android

Recently we had a project at Onirica about creating/porting a DLNA Media Server for/to the Android platform. It was a good choice to start playing with the Android platform as it allowed us to evaluate several things:

As our intention was not re-invent the wheel, we looked for some available Media Servers coded in Java to re-use and we found two: The main problem with ps3mediaserver (that is the one I use at home) was that it was too oriented to transcoding and the code was not abtracted enough to get only the DLNA/upnp bits. The main problem with Cidero Server was that it was not serving local files at all, only links to internet radio stations, so one of the main functionalities was missing. Finally we choose to take the Cidero code, adapt it to the android platform, implement the missing parts and code the android specific parts.
The adapt/port process included:And the new bits we had to implement:As in every software development process we found some unexpected problems:But finally the application is working nicely:

click on the image to view a demo video

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