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Wed, 28 Oct 2009

GNOME and KDE development course

Recently we have finished creating the materials for the Application development for GNOME and KDE course we have been working on for CENATIC. It is a modular course, so for example you can take only the modules for GNOME programming or KDE programming. It has been designed for on-line training (using e-larning systems that support SCORM format, as moodle), presential learning or mixed combination of boths. These are the included modules:

Each module is composed of:Activities include questionnaries, exercises, forums, irc tutorials, etc...
The format we chose for the materials is OpenDocument, mostly for the easy content creation WYSIWYG using OpenOffice and the flexible XML formats that allows us automatic conversion into html and SCORM generation. Of course, all the materials are available under a free license (CC-by-sa). This is how it looks like inside an e-learning system:

Now we are in the review process before releasing the first "stable" version, so we invite anyone in the GNOME and KDE community to send comments, suggestions, corrections, additions, etc... All the contents are available at the desktopsl project forge and you can joing the desktopsl-devel mailing list to send any feedback.

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